DragonQuest Webmasters Guild
Guild Charter as of 4.6.99

The DragonQuest Webmasters Guild (DQWG) is formed as a functioning body of the DragonQuest Players Association (DQPA) and is subject to all rules and policies as required by the association.

Mission Statement:
To help webmasters help gamers get the most out of their gaming.

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Purpose and Goals (back to top)

    The purpose of the DQWG is to provide assistance and support to webmasters developing web sites with content that can enhance the role-playing game DragonQuest. Goals of the guild include helping webmasters develop legal content for their sites, generating increased traffic to guild member sites, providing technical assistance on site development issues and helping new web developers learn the craft.

Guild Administration (back to top)

    The "Webmasters Guild Director" will manage the DQWG. The Director will be selected in a manner to be determined by the DQPA and its membership. The Directors’ responsibilities will include but are not limited to the following:

    • Processing new applications for Guild Membership
    • Maintaining and updating the DQPA web site at http://www.dragonquest.org
    • Maintaining and updating both the DQ Modifications and Tools Master Lists
    • Moderating and managing both the DQWG Mailing and Announce Lists
    • Any other duties as directed by the DQPA

    The Director may solicit volunteers to help perform these duties as needed.

Joining the Guild and Member Benefits (back to top)

    Membership in the DQWG will be open to any current member of the DQPA with gaming related web site. To join the guild, a DQPA member can submit his/her web site to the Webmaster Guild Director.

    All members of DQWG will receive the following benefits:

    • Ability to participate in the DQWG Logo Program
    • Links to your site from all other member sites
    • Links to your site pages from the "DQ Modifications Master List"
    • Links to your site pages from the "DQ Tools Master List"
    • Access to the DQWG List-serv for technical and content help
    • Participation in the DQWG announce list
    • Added to the DragonQuest Web Ring

Member Responsibilities (back to top)

DQWG members should abide by the following guidelines:

  • Members should maintain membership in the DQPA
  • DQWG member sites should be updated on a regular basis
  • No copyrighted or adult materials may be found on member sites
  • Member sites should have a list linking to all other members on the site and/or participate in the DQWG logo program
  • Members should submit newly published DragonQuest modifications to be added to the "DQ Modifications Master List"
  • Members should submit newly published DragonQuest tools to be added to the "DQ Tools Master List"
  • Members web site should be viewable without errors using either Netscape or Internet Explorer versions 3.0 and above

DQWG Logo Program (back to top)

    The DQWG Logo Program is available to all guild members upon entrance to the guild. Though not required, it is hopeful that members will decide to participate in the program. To participate, members would put one of the provided DQWG logos on the main page of their web site. This logo will be linked to the DQWG home page within the DQPA web site. Details on how to use the logos will be available on the DQWG web pages.

DQWG Mentor Program (back to top)

The DQWG Mentor Program is available to all members of the DragonQuest Players Association. In this program a DQWG member would volunteer their time and knowledge to help another DQPA member build a web site or DQ tool. This program would be the foundation of our education efforts and would be run on a strictly volunteer basis. Requests for help would come into the Guild and members could chose to help when and if they can.

DQWG Partnership Program (back to top)

The DQWG Partnership Program is also available to all members of the DragonQuest Players Association. DQPA members with DQ modifications or gaming related tools could request that a DQWG member publish the material on an existing web site. This would be done on a strictly volunteer basis and members who are not already partnered will have priority. DQPA members can request a specific webmaster but if that webmaster is not able to help, a list of other webmasters who have volunteered will made available to them.

DQ Modifications Master List (back to top)

    The DQWG will design and maintain the DQ Modifications Master List. This will be a link list located on the DQWG web site that will organize modifications to DragonQuest by category. An example would be the "New Colleges of Magic" section would have links to all new colleges of magic located on DQWG members’ sites. Additional sections could include new weapons, new skills, new creatures and animals, new character races and new rules. DQPA members without web sites could submit new modifications for placement on a web site via the DQWG Partnership Program.

Gaming Tools Master List (back to top)

    The DQWG will design and maintain the Gaming Tools Master List. This will be a link list located on the DQWG web site that organize tools created to enhance game play. The tools, located on member sites, may be applications or files available for download, as well as, applications or reference materials available for online use. DQPA members without web sites could submit new tools for placement on a web site via the DQWG Partnership Program.

DQWG List-Serv (back to top)

The DQWG will maintain a List-Serv exclusively for members. The primary purpose for this list-serv will be to facilitate communication between members on technical issues related to the development of web sites and brainstorming towards ideas for site content. Members will be able to post questions to other members and ask for help if the member is overwhelmed with work or content. This list will be moderated by the Webmasters Guild Director.

DQWG Announce List (back to top)

    The DQWG will maintain an announcement list to help promote the members web sites. Members can submit details of updates to their web sites to the list moderator. On a regular basis, the list moderator will publish an announcement to list members detailing recent updates to DQWG web sites. All members of the DQPA will automatically be subscribed to this list and subscription will be open to anyone interested.

DragonQuest Web Ring (back to top)

The DQWG will start and maintain a web ring dedicated to DragonQuest web sites.


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