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last updated July 22th, 2013

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General DQ Sites

DQPA Member's DQ Sites

Other DQ Sites


DQ for Sale on the Web

Gaming Sites of Interest

DQPA Member's NON-DQ Sites

General DragonQuest Sites & Discussion Groups:

DragonQuest Players Association

dqnewsletter - DragonQuest Newsletter
- a group used to maintain and distribute the DQ Newsletter

DragonQuest Newsletter List-Serv
- a DQ Newsletter List-Serv group

dq-rules - DragonQuest Open Source
- a group for discussion and distribution of Dragon Quest rules, variants and revisions

Fantasy Roleplaying Games Newsgroup!forum/

DQ Assembly Discussion Group Broken Link

WebRPG DragonQuest Discussion Group Defunct Site

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DQPA Member's DragonQuest Sites:

Rodger Thorm - The Wilderness of A---, a DragonQuest Adventure

Rodger Thorm - Antherwyck House Games Blog

Alarian - Frontiers of Alusia Campaign Setting

Martin Dickson - DragonQuest Vault

Martin Dickson - Mortimer's Library

Snafaru - Snafaru's DragonQuest Fan Page

Thomas Miller - DragonQuest Frontiers

Todd Schreiber - DQ Fantasy Page

Bokor - Death Aspected Broken Link

Brett Sheldon - DragonQuest Lives! Defunct Site

Craig Brain - DragonQuest Broken Link

Dr. O - DragonQuest Page Broken Link

Holwinkle - Ye Olde DragonQuest Page Defunct Site

Ian Bacon - DragonQuest Broken Link

Jamie - DragonQuest Project Broken Link

John Kahane's Emporium Broken Link

Lord Carlmund - DQuell Defunct Site

Mark Shocklee - official web site of The Altanian Guards Defunct Site

S Peter Cordner - DragonQuest... I love this stuff! Defunct Site

Snaebjom - DragonQuest RPG Material Defunct Site

Steven Clark - Steve's DragonQuest Page Broken Link

ThZu - CyberSlice DragonQuest web site Broken Link

Ulrich - The Unofficial DragonQuest Homepage Defunct Site

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Other DragonQuest Sites:

Auckland DragonQuest Guild - DQWiki

David Ferris - Arena of Death Review

DragonQuest - facebook

DragonQuest - Wikipedia

Jerry Stratton - DragonQuest Home Companion

The Mighty Judges Guild Codex - by Steve Dimmick

DragonQuest Homelands Broken Link

DragonQuest Online Defunct Site

Kahrland - David's DQ World Broken Link

Russ Jones DragonQuest Page Broken Link

TW's DragonQuest Page Broken Link

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DragonQuest PBEM Sites:

Paul Pishnak: Fargoth - World Building Project Broken Link

Play-By-Email based on DQ Defunct Site

Swordworld Broken Link

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DragonQuest for Sale on the Web:

Just a quick note. A listing in this section does not constitute an endorsemnet by the DQPA or any of its members. This list only reflects URLs of sites that have been known to sell DragonQuest related materials. The DQPA takes no reponsibility for quality/reliability of these vendors and recomends you be very careful before purchasing any materials from an online vendor. - "DragonQuest" Search - "DragonQuest" Search - "DragonQuest" Search - "SPI" Search - "DragonQuest" Search - "SPI" Search

Fantasy Roleplaying Marketplace Newsgroup!forum/

The Dragon's Trove

Yahoo! Shopping - "DragonQuest" Search

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Gaming Sites of Interest:

Brian A. Scriber. - WeatherGen 2.2 - Weather Genertator

GAMA - The Game Manufacturers Association

Generate Items Page

Gozzy' - Fantasy generator (Dungeons, caves, buildings, cities, maps, etc.)

ProFantasy Software - Campaign Cartographer Map Maker

Random Jewelery Generation by Scooby

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DQPA Members' NON-DQ Sites:

Snafaru - Wizardry Fan Page by Snafaru - play a DragonQuest scenario on the computer!

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